June 2020 Release Notes

June 2020 Release Notes

We’ve just released a new version of Zakeke, everything good is staying and we’re adding some features and some improvements to help make you even more successful with Zakeke. The release includes several bug fixings.

Augmented Reality for Android devices

In February, we introduced a new 3d engine supporting AR view for iOS devices. Now, we are pleased to announce the extension of AR support to Android devices. Your customers are now able to see their customized item in their real world via their smartphones!

We strong believe in AR power in eCommerce, that’s why Zakeke integrate AR.

3D Configurator: 2D Texture Image

Now in Zakeke you can also upload a 2D texture image of a material so the customer can see a 2D high definition version of the material he is choosing in the 3D model.

No more problems for fabrics or material that lose quality in 3D textures. Fabrics such as wool that could lose quality in 3D can now be admired by your customers thanks to the high definition 2D image.

3D Configurator: Different Image Texture for Desktop and Mobile

Now Zakeke offers the possibility to upload texture images of different size for desktop and mobile version. In this way, you can assure even more quality for desktop and choose two different image quality based on the version store (desktop or mobile).

Gallery for specific item

Zakeke gets better every day to offer you the best experience. Until now, you could upload images or clipart galleries that were used for all your products.

Now you can create specific images or clipart galleries for a single product. You can assign dedicated galleries to each product.

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