Wine Day: being creative with customized wine designs


Here comes the Wine Day: the best moment to celebrate the return to normal by drinking a glass of wine with friends and family. Wine is the central part of any celebration. It’s the answer to all gift dilemmas. A birthday party, bring the wine. A dinner, bring the wine. A special thanks to colleagues, bring the wine. Wine is the solution. Even more if the gift is personalized and unique.

In an ultra-competitive market like that of wine, you know well how the differentiating element is essential to position yourselves on the market. The new commercial logics (production fragmentation, changes in the distribution field, the increase in eCommerce, etc.) show that not only the liquid inside the bottle is fundamental in the purchase of the wine product, but also everything that is around it.

And this is where product customization & engraving comes in. Not only of the wine bottle but also of the box that contains it, of the accessories such as glasses, corks and much more. Thus, the bottles of wine take on a value of conviviality. Personalized wine bottles are noticed, discussed, and generally make people smile.

Visual Product Customizer for Wine Bottles

Today, the world of eCommerce feels even more the need to customize. Everything is customized. Many wine retailers offer the possibility to customize their product: from the simple printing of the label to the engraving of initials.

Even though product customization is the answer, it must be accompanied by an easy-to-use tool that does not worsen the user experience. For the customer, personalization must be fun and challenging. A game. Not a nuisance.

So, here a selection of some key features that should not be missing in a Visual Product Customizer tool:

  • AR & 3D view: customers have to be able to see the personalized item in their own space in real size via Augmented Reality and see a live and realistic 3D model of the product that they can zoom in on, rotate and interact with.
  • Unlimited configuration options: you have to be able to set multiple colors, sizes and style of the same product; to create templates of editable area of your product instead of letting customers personalize it from scratch; to define rules and restrictions for each design, to make customizable all sides and angles of your product or more.
  • Flexible printing methods: you have to be able to set unlimited printing methods for one or more products, sides and variants. You can define settings for your print-ready files that can be used for personalization methods other than printing like engraving.
  • CPQ: the term stands for Configure, Price & Quote that means you can add a button to receive a request for quotation by demanding customers with special need.

Pros of using a Visual Product Customizer

Visual Product Customizer enhances customer experience and gives you an advantage over competition. Your brand becomes recognizable. Among the main pros of using a Visual product Customizer these are the most important:

  • Conversion rate: sales increase by up to 35% thanks to the Visual Product Configuration that shows the customer exactly what they are buying. Customers are willing to pay more for the products they have designed and customized
  • Customer engagement: Interactive product customization engage customer and entertain him longer on your store. This increases the chances of that customer will actually buy your product. Product customization lets customer become more attached to the product itself and to the brand
  • Customer satisfaction: 80% of customers now consider the experience a company provides to be as important as its products and services
  • Return rate is almost zero as customers see in real-time how product will look like

How to integrate Visual Product Customizer into your online store?

As we said, a Visual Product Customizer is a software application that allows customers to customize the products directly on your online store. You can rely on a reputable provider like Zakeke, a powerful and easy tool with incredible 2D imagery, cutting-edge 3D configuration and augmented reality functions.

Whether you are a small company or a large company, Zakeke has the solution for you and unlike other software products, it is applicable both online and physical store.

First steps to integrate Zakeke Visual Product Customizer

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