Zakeke Secures €2 Million in Landmark Investment Round

New Zakeke round of investment

Zakeke’s Key SAFE Funding Round: Berrier Capital Fund Steps in as Lead Investor, Stefano Venturi – former Hewlett Packard Enterprise Italy and Cisco Systems Italy executive – Onboards as a Board Member

Milan, October 13, 2023Zakeke, the world-leading SaaS company in the Visual Commerce landscape, offering brands advanced tools like live product personalization, superior 3D visualization, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Try-On, has successfully finalized a €2 million SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) investment round, championed by the esteemed Private Equity Fund Berrier Capital, driving forward Zakeke’s ambitions for expansive global growth.

The SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) financing approach, popular in Silicon Valley, offers investors a glimpse into potential equity without delving into immediate valuation complexities. The use of a large-scale SAFE agreement marks a significant shift in the Italian investment landscape, given its limited prevalence in the country.

Leading this pivotal round is Berrier Capital, an esteemed investment firm with a focus on unlisted innovative companies. With a commitment to a meticulously diversified portfolio, Berrier Capital selects its investments from a vast array of potential proprietary deals each year, ensuring each meets their rigorous standards after thorough due diligence processes. 

Taking the lead in this strategic alliance is Alberto Craici, Equity and Founding Partner of Berrier Capital. “We have been increasingly investing in Italian companies with a strong preference for innovation, managers with a proven track record, easily scalable business model, global presence in the relevant market niche and high export propensity, alongside a compelling growth strategy. I’m happy to say that Zakeke, with its disruptive potential, meets all our investment requirements.” says Craici, manifesting his excitement about the investment.

This new investment round for Zakeke brings another significant update: the esteemed Stefano Venturi, currently serving as the President of Cefriel, and formerly the CEO of both Hewlett Packard Enterprise Italy and Cisco Systems Italy, has taken a seat on Zakeke’s Board of Directors. His commitment underscores the startup’s remarkable growth trajectory, a claim further substantiated by robust metrics, including an expansive portfolio of over 8.000 clients globally and an impressive growth rate of 98% in the past year.

“I am pleased to contribute my three decades of experience as a CEO in American big corporates to an Italian startup that has a global presence and considers the US one of its main target markets. I believe that the blend of expertise and innovation can lead to significant success and encourage continuous ambitious growth.” Stefano Venturi remarks, sharing his thoughts on his new role within Zakeke’s Board of Directors.

Angelo Coletta, CEO & Founder of Zakeke, expresses his deep enthusiasm for the recent milestone achieved, stating: “I am immensely pleased with securing new capital for Zakeke in this SAFE investment round, a valuable instrument still underutilized for startups like ours in Italy. Additionally, I am honored and thrilled to have a distinguished professional like Stefano Venturi on board, who, with his standing personality and deep expertise, can assist Zakeke in our ongoing growth process.”

With the closing of this significant investment round, Zakeke sets its sights on continued global growth, setting even more ambitious goals for the upcoming months. The company aims to establish itself as the foremost Visual Commerce platform across the globe, catering to brands of all scales and providing a comprehensive array of Visual Commerce solutions on a singular, all-inclusive platform.

Regarding this transaction, Zakeke was advised by Lawyers Alessandro and Valentina Casella from the Casella & Associati Law Firm; Berrier Capital was represented by Lawyer Carlo Scaglioni from the Greenberg Traurig Santa Maria Law Firm.

About Zakeke

Founded in 2017, Zakeke is a cloud-based Visual AI-Commerce Platform born to empower e-commerce and retailers with live product customization, advanced 3D visualization, immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-On. Zakeke’s comprehensive suite seamlessly integrates with any eCommerce platform or brand’s back-end, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting conversions, while streamlining operations. Serving over 8,000 global customers across more than 400 sectors in over 130 countries, Zakeke is a versatile solution for various industries including technology, fashion, printing, luxury, and more.

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About Berrier Capital

Founded in 2005, Berrier Capital is a preeminent investment firm spotlighting unlisted Italian SMEs with global aspirations. Focusing on entities with turnovers between 5 and 40 million Euros, Berrier Capital approach emphasizes stringent deal selection and thorough a rigorous due diligence process. Committed to propelling global niche leaders, fostering innovation, Berrier Capital’s expertise is wide-ranging. With 7 companies in their portfolio spanning diverse sectors, Berrier Capital stands as a linchpin for ventures seeking international acclaim.

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