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Zakeke welcomes a new partner: Omnycode

omnycode zakeke

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Omnycode!

Omnycode is a NYC-based ecommerce agency that provides a full range of services and solutions.

Founded in 2018 by a small group of entrepreneurs, Omnycode attracts the most unique and impassioned e-commerce talent in the digital world.

They are software engineers, project managers, UX/UI designers, marketing and CPG professionals with more than a decade of experience.

From developing to implementing omnichannel strategies, and from the inception of a project to its completion, their innovative minds are focused on accelerating the growth and profitability of your online business.

To get more information on how can Omnycode help you reach out amazing results together with Zakeke, please contact them at

To get more details about our Partner Program check this link

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