Free Photorealistic Apparel Mockups for online store

A wonderful online clothing store needs wonderful shots showing the items.

You have no graphic skills? Not sure how to use Photoshop? Don’t you have clothes on hand? Don’t have a professional camera? No fear. This is what photorealistic apparel mockups from Photific do. Not just any mockup generator. The only truly photo-realistic mockup available.

Exclusively for Zakeke customers and friends, Photific offers 10 of their most popular Photoshop mockups for free.

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How get the mockup pack for free?

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  2. Enter your e-mail to receive a free download link

The mockups pack includes:

  • American Apparel 2001
  • Anvil 780
  • Anvil 6750
  • Bella 3001
  • Bella 8803
  • Comfort Colors 1717
  • Gildan 2000
  • Next Level 6210
  • Next Level 3900 M
  • Infant Lap Shoulder Onesie

Please note that mockups will only work in Adobe Photoshop CC or Photoshop CS3+. They will not work correctly in any other software.

Of course, you can get additional mockups here.

Meanwhile, try the free demo of Photific instant app generator.

Stand out from the competition. Offer quality. Choose Zakeke for your product customization and use Photific to be realistic.


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