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How You Can Make Your BigCommerce Store Stand Out With Product Customization

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You need to use the most effective tools in today’s cut-throat eCommerce market to gain a competitive advantage. The optimal solution for your BigCommerce shop should be one that meets the current needs and demands of your consumers.

Once a consumer arrives on your eCommerce website, you ideally want to keep them there and convert their lead into a sale. With the power of product customizers, businesses are taking user experience and engagement to the next level. Through its means of 3D configuration, AR and visual customization, BigCommerce product customizers invigorate your eCommerce website by grabbing the attention of its visitors and turning browsers into buyers.

What Is A Product Customizer?

A product customizer is an innovative and interactive tool through which users can interact with and that allow for the extensive and complete exploration of a physical product customization on a digital store.

It emulates the experience provided by physical retail establishments by superimposing products in a completely navigable and accessible way. This allows consumers to better understand the products in which they’re prospective to buy, and thus facilitates the online sales and eCommerce process.

How Can A Product Customizer Be Beneficial To My BigCommerce Store?

Traditionally, eCommerce sites were limited to two dimensional representations of their products, which often posed barriers for their customers in regards to their ability to completely understand the nature and details of the product they were viewing. With the integration of a BigCommerce product customizer however, the online sales experience has been completely reimagined and streamlined, through its capacity to allow consumers to not only view products in a 360 degree manner, but to also permit users to design or customize products to their liking.

By adopting this innovative technology, eCommerce websites are bridging a massive gap within online product sales which has the potential to greatly bolster engagement and conversions, while reducing returns.

A BigCommerce product customizer and configurator is an interactive tool with live 3D models that enables online shoppers to explore products extensively, just like in a physical store. Potential customers can also design or customize products to meet their unique needs by adding or applying custom options like features, colors, materials, and more before buying.

Why Is It Practical?

While high-resolution product photos entice customers, producing them can be costly. A product customizer uses imaging technology to allow companies to display their items in a variety of images without the need for costly photoshoots.

Customers see the world in 3D. 3D models of online goods make the items come to life, and the added dimension can position customers to personalize goods and envision their creations. By providing users with an experience that is as accessible to them as possible, online merchants are increasing their customer’s ability to visualize their products, and to ultimately decide on a purchase.

Adding a product customizer to your Bigcommerce store could have a massively positive impact on your eCommerce business by increasing conversions, boosting engagement and strengthening customer relationships.

What Can I Do On The Product Customizer Screen?

A product customizer can provide users with an experience which is as interactive as possible by allowing them to customize products in a variety of ways. Users have the ability to add any custom features such as size, color and more before making their purchase.

The product customizer will also provide users with a customizable version of the product that they’re viewing or designing, which gives them an opportunity to explore it in detail and to gain a deeper understanding of its structure, function and utility, also with 3D & AR views.

After all, what better way is there to connect with your buyers than offering them a personalized and understandable experience?

Product configurators are the next innovation set to change the game in eCommerce. By adopting a product customizer, online merchants can provide their customers with an interactive shopping experience that will increase conversions and boost engagement.

With the ability to create detailed and immersive experiences in which their customers can view and design products, eCommerce websites will be able to elevate their business in a way that is entirely unique and unprecedented.

If you want your customer’s buying journey to be as effective and efficient as possible, then you need a product customizer.

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