May 2022 Release Notes

May 2022 Release Notes

Your feedback is the best source of inspiration for Zakeke’s improvement. We worked hard and continue to work hard to make the Zakeke experience even more simple, faster and more intuitive. This release includes several bug fixings. Take a look at all updates:

Replace color(s) in the final print file

You can decide that one or more colors should be replaced by other colors in the print file. It is especially useful for those who do certain techniques or use certain printers that do not read white. This way, instead of having to manually remove white from a print file, Zakeke does it for you (like replacing it with a very light gray).
Discover more details here

Pre-designed template creation from order design

You can generate a Template from a customer order and decide to use it for the same product purchased or for another product. Click here to discover more details

Unique URLs templates

For each template you can create a unique URL that the merchant can then use for different purposes such as opening the customizer with that template from an ad or making an homepage of the store from which you can directly access certain templates. For now it only works for Shopify and WooCommerce. Click here to discover more

Customizable order summary

We added the possibility to customize how the order summary should come out. Click here to discover more details

Prices as %

You can use percentage for pricing rules and not just fixed values. For example, to make discounts on quantities or price increases in percentage and not for fixed value. It is an improvement included in the “pricing rules”. For now it only works on BigCommerce, but we will also release it on other platforms.

Include element in the thumbnail

At the moment a merchant can decide whether an element of a template is printable or not (i.e. whether it should be included in the final print file or not). We have added a sub-option that allows you to decide even if it should be included in the product preview thumbnails. Example: you sell a customizable rug and you’re using an overlay PNG to simulate the effect of the rug. Of course the overlay does not have to go in the print files because it only serves to simulate the final effect for the customer, but if you remove the printable option, Zakeke does not show it even in the product previews. Instead you can now do that; it will still be visible in the thumbnails in the cart/checkout, in the template gallery and in the file share so that the customer continues to see it where it makes sense without the item being included in the print files.

Product image quality in the PDF preview

You can now decide to have a higher image quality that is put in the PDF preview.

No color option for the background editing tool

We have added the possibility for customers to choose not to apply any color with the background recoloring tool. In addition to the color picker to choose a color, you can also decide to put “no color” and the background remains like this. See note on “color” here

Improved integration with Etsy

  • For some orders, such as those paid with PayPal, even if the payment was blocked, the order was generated inside Zakeke and the customizer link was sent to the customer, so you’ve found yourself with a customization for an order that had not actually been successful. This won’t happen again.
  • Improved the installation process for cases where the installation was unsuccessful

Back button on UI

We added the ability to quickly return to image galleries from the image management screen with a Back button.

Charging and speed improvement for everyone, everywhere

We are a global solution, serving a global community of merchants and customers, so top notch performances all over the globe are fundamental to us. Out team worked really hard implementing a system of distributed caches to improve the overall speed of our solutions for all of your end customers, in order to have a better and greater performance everywhere they are, whichever device and internet connection they’re using, so to not have a cumbersome experience while on your website using Zakeke. You ask and we deliver.

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