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August 2022 Release Notes

August 2022 Release Notes

Zakeke, the leading cloud-based visual commerce platform that allows anyone to easily customize and configure products online, at their retail location, and everywhere in between, today announced some new product updates to its platform. Take a look at them:

  • Share Design – Now with a link: until now a user could only share an image of the customized product, customers now can share a link to their own designs of a customized product with anyone, while receivers can edit/buy the same design (Note: this feature is not available for OpenCart yet). Please read this guide for more details.

  • Save for later” on the Configurator: it is now possible to save a configuration and resume it later. The same feature that existed on the Visual Customizer is now available for the 3D Configurator as well (hurray!). Check more details in this guide.

  • Webhook enhancement: developed thinking about advanced and flexible custom order processing workflow, the webhook now contains not only the print file, but also the details of the design, such as text, font, images. Click here to read more about webhooks.

  • Prices as %: we’ve added the option to use percentages for pricing rules and not just fixed values for Prestashop users (it was already working for BigCommerce and Woocommerce). For example, to make discounts on quantities or price increases in percentage and not for fixed value. It is an improvement included in the “pricing rules”. We will expanding the feature to all other platforms in the next weeks.

UX improvements

1- It is now possible to check all the printing methods associated with a product in the list of customizable products (“printing method” column). No more checking every singular product, say hello to more automation and clarity. 

2- Zakeke now automatically syncs the product image and product name between the store’s back office and Zakeke’s back office when a product that has already been configured in Zakeke gets updated in the store’s back office.
Note: This works for Shopify and WC only at the moment.

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