July 2022 Release Notes

July 2022 Release Notes

Zakeke, the leading cloud-based visual commerce platform that allows anyone to easily customize and configure products online, at their retail location, and everywhere in between, today announced some new product updates to its platform. Take a look at them:

  1. Autofit Textbox: Hurray! Text autofit has arrived and is here to stay and improve your operations. Now you can add an autofit for your texts that automatically resizes the text length to fit a pre-defined text box. Cool, right? Check all details here
  2. Default Font Size: once you create a printing method you can now add a default font size for your customer’s designs. Another time saver option for your beloved customers.
  3. Edit image’s size: now you can let customers enter a value for image height x width other than using the “resize” tool. Moving the mouse around or fingers on mousepads can’t be the best option for precise printing, right? We agree, so now customers can simply add dimensions and that’s it. Easy, peasy. 
  1. AR Optimization: our amazing team improved the overall loading performance of the Augmented Reality on Android devices (Be ready Apple users, you’re up next!)
  2. Zakeke supports BigCommerce Multi-Storefronts: Zakeke is now Multi-Storefront compatible. This feature released by Bigcommerce allows you to manage all of your storefronts, in one place. From a single BigCommerce dashboard, you can create and manage multiple storefronts and now you can use the same Zakeke account for all the storefronts. Read more on the activation process here
  3. Prices as %: we’ve added the option to use percentages for pricing rules and not just fixed values for WooCommerce users (it was already working for BigCommerce). For example, to make discounts on quantities or price increases in percentage and not for fixed value. It is an improvement included in the “pricing rules”. We will expanding the feature to all other platforms in the next weeks.

Etsy Updates

  • Support for Product’s Variants: product variants are now available also for Esty merchants. You’ve waited for this and we delivered! But first, what do we mean by variants?
    Zakeke can get the variants directly from your store. You decide what attributes/options to import in Zakeke. The attributes you import will be visible in the Customizer and your customers will be able to switch them even in the Customizer. Once you have decided on the attributes and options to import, Zakeke generates the list of the variants that will be available to your customers in the Customizer. Remember, you can rename, move or delete the variant; change the image and edit the print area for a single variant and make personalization mandatory for a specific variant/side or add a new variant. Please click here for more details
  • Reset Personalization: remember when you were sending product links to your customers for confirmation and if modifications came to life they needed to start over and automatically lose the previous design? Well, it’s a thing of the past. Say hello to the new Design Reset feature thanks to which you’ll be able to reset a design, send the link to your customers without them losing the design, so that they can change it, cancel it or start over if they want. 
  • Update customers email address: you can now change your customers emails you’re using for sending the customization link. This feature is only available for confirmed orders.
  • OrderDesk Integration: our integration with OrderDesk works now also for Etsy. You need to follow the instructions here.

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