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Zakeke is now a 3D Product Configurator for OpenCart

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Today we are pleased to announce the integration of Zakeke with OpenCart, a major player in the eCommerce industry. Another important step to make product personalization simpler and more effective. Now you can easily sell customizable product using 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality with our cutting-edge personalization tools: Product Customizer and 3D Product Configurator.

OpenCart users will join the many satisfied sellers who already use Zakeke to sell personalized products around the world. You can let buyers view and edit customizable products using Zakeke’s AR and 3D technology.

Product customization has huge advantages:

  • Sales Growth: offering true personal product customization can only increase your sales. With the help of solid product customization software, you can attract the attention of more discerning consumers too. It is demonstrated showed that the use of quality 3D images increases the conversion rate by up to 250%.
  • Cost-effectiveness: with product customization software you eliminate the need to present endless variations of the same product on your site. You simply let your customers get creative. Customers will see exactly what they buy. They will be able to modify the product as they wish, within the limits granted by you. Return rate is reduced thanks to augmented reality that show personalized item in customers’ real world.

What you can do with Zakeke?

Zakeke is a cutting-edge tool for Product Customization. However, it is not just that. Zakeke is more than customization. It is a companion that enhances your brand and simplifies your processes.

  • Product Customization: With an easy and fast installation, you can create a product catalogue and turn any item into a customizable product. Buyers can add their own images, names, numbers and phrases to your products in their favorite fonts. They can change color, size, orientation, rotation, or make text curved.
  • Product Configurator: Transform customers into creators. Let customers build their own versions of your products choosing component, changing elements and customizing colors and materials in a mind-blowing 3D environment.
  • Unlimited Configuration options: Get unlimited configuration options and meet any design parameter. Show realistic design dimensions, color, and texture. Add dynamic value (such as price, shipping times, product weight, etc..) or upload texture images of different size for desktop and mobile version.
  • AR and 3D: Customers see a live and realistic 3D model of their customized products that they can zoom in on, rotate and interact with. In this way, buyers see the product from all angles. Let buyers see personalized item in real world using their smartphone via AR.
  • Workflow Automation: Save time and trigger workflows whenever a new customized order is received in Zakeke. Use tools like Zapier to automate your eCommerce workflow. Zakeke support Print-On-Demand services, like Printful, CustomCat and Invition.
  • Pre-made design: Create templates with editable texts and images to give your customers a head start. Define rules and restrictions for each design in your admin area.
  • Get a Quote: Don’t miss any potential customer. Receive a request for a quote from demanding customers with particular customization needs.
  • Not just for print: Get print-ready files that can be used for engraving, embroidery and personalization methods other than printing.

Possibilities are endless. Visit our demo to learn more.

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