Mastering Voice Search for E-commerce: Key Tactics for Success

voice search SEO for ecommerce

One important feature that is gaining importance is voice search for ecommerce. With the increasing use of voice-enabled devices like smart speakers and virtual assistants, optimizing your eCommerce platform for voice search isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential.

In this blog post, let’s discover the importance of voice search in eCommerce and key tactics to implement voice search.


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What is Voice Search?

Imagine having a casual conversation with your device rather than typing out questions and surfing the web. Instead of a traditional keyboard interaction, your customers simply say what they’re looking for, and the search shows up. These services come from trusted partners in the digital realm, smart speakers, and virtual assistants.

Now, why should online store owners care? Because customers increasingly use voice search to find what they want, and you want your store to be a solution. The technology in voice search has advanced, and devices have become adept at understanding human speech and processing requests. It’s not just about finding words; it’s about understanding the context and their meaning.

For example, a customer might ask their smart speaker, “Where can I find great sneakers online?” The voice search engine launches, interprets their text, concludes they’re looking for fashionable sneakers, and ideally directs them to your online store.

This shift from typing to speech makes communicating with technology more comfortable and user-friendly for your customers. In your case, that means making sure your online store is ready for voice search.  Whether your customers search for products, ask questions, or do online shopping, voice search is their go-to buddy. So, let’s make sure they find what they’re looking for on your virtual shelves.

The Boom of Voice Search in Online Shopping

Recently, voice search for ecommerce has become a real game changer when it comes to online marketing. And it’s all thanks to those voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Home, etc. popping up in homes everywhere. They’re not just cool tech; they flip the script on how we do our online marketing. By 2023, 4.2 billion active voice assistant devices are being used.

During the day, we type our shopping inquiries into search engines or online stores. But now, with these voice-activated devices, people are chatting up a storm to get what they want. Amazon Echo and Google Home have become part of our daily lives, allowing us to do more than just search with our voice. We negotiate purchases, check if items are in stock, and check our orders – all with simple voice commands.

It’s no longer just about the convenience; it’s about streamlining the entire online shopping journey. Voice search has been this natural and easy way to engage with the world of online stores. It’s more than a cool feature – it’s a game changer.

How To Optimize Ecommerce For Vocal Search: 5 Key Tactics

  • Talk Like a Human: Understand Your Customers’ Language

When people use voice search, they’re not typing robotic keywords but having a conversation. For online stores, this means ditching the overly technical jargon and embracing a more natural, conversational tone in your content. Consider the longer phrases customers might use when asking questions or describing what they’re looking for. Understanding your customers’ language is the key to delivering the right results when they speak on their devices.

  • Help Search Engines Understand: Structured Data Matters

Making your online store voice-search-friendly involves speaking the language of search engines. Use structured data markup, such as Schema, to give search engines a clear understanding of the content on your site. This helps search engines figure out what products you offer and enhances the chances of your products showing up with detailed information in voice search results. It’s like providing a roadmap for search engines to navigate your online store efficiently.

  • Make Mobile Shopping Effortless: Optimize for Mobile Users

Since a significant chunk of voice searches happens on mobile devices, ensuring your online store is mobile-friendly is crucial. This goes beyond having a responsive design – your site should look great, load quickly, and offer a seamless experience on phones and tablets. A mobile-optimized store caters to voice search users’ preferences and improves your overall search engine rankings, making it easier for customers to find you.

  • Be Local-Friendly: Cater to Nearby Shoppers

Many voice searches involve a local element, like someone looking for products or services “near me”. To tap into this local market, online stores need to prioritize local SEO efforts. Ensure that your business information is accurate and up-to-date across online platforms, directories, and Google My Business. Incorporate location-specific keywords to make your online store more visible to users searching for products in their vicinity.

  • Aim for the Top Snippets: Structure Your Content for Success

Voice search devices often pull answers from featured snippets when responding to user queries. To increase your chances of being the top choice for voice assistants, structure your content in a way that aligns with how snippets are presented. This involves providing clear and concise information that directly answers common user questions. By aiming for the top snippets, your online store will likely be the preferred result in voice search responses.

How is Voice Search Different from Text Search?

Knowing how voice search differs from typing is key to getting it right.

  • Talk Naturally

People using voice search talk more like they’re talking to a friend. So, it’s important for online stores to use words and phrases that sound natural in a conversation to show up in voice search results.

  • Think Local

Voice searches often have a local touch, like people looking for things around them. Online stores need to pay attention to local SEO to be visible in these local searches.

  • Snippets and Quick Answers

Voice search devices like giving short, direct answers. Making your content appear in featured snippets boosts your chances of being the voice assistant’s chosen answer.


Adapting to the rise of voice search is not an option but an important step for online businesses. By embracing conversational voice, optimizing mobile users, emphasizing local relevance, and targeting top-tier analytics, businesses can thrive in this age of voice. It works in this Voice search isn’t just a passing fad; it’s transforming how consumers engage with online stores.

As voice search shapes the future of online shopping, businesses that embrace this evolution are better positioned to connect with today’s tech-savvy shoppers and ensure attendance has been relevant and successful in an ever-changing digital marketing environment.


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