5 Things to get Started on the Web to Print Business

1. Do you want to target the B2B or B2C market? 

Define your target customer so you can pick the correct tool. You need to decide what your end goal is before you start shopping for a solution. Determine what your targeted end customer is and then work backwards into a solution. There is a tremendous difference between the B2B and B2C markets as they have completely different needs and to be able to serve a segment well you need a solution dedicated to that segment.

2. Are you willing to offer more than print materials?

The core question is, are you willing to expand the products and services you offer to be able to provide a complete marketing solution to your end customers? This still applies for both B2C and B2B market segments. This also includes services outside of products, such as kitting and assembly, inventory forecasting, guidance on best production methods based on usage and more. Customers are looking to find easy solutions to their problems. Finding partners that can ease steps along the entire marketing chain can work to distinguish yourself from other vendors. 

3. How are you going to get your customers to the platform?

While you are evaluating your options and the various solutions in the market, you should have a parallel process running to get customers to your selected platform. If you are going after the B2C market – Do you have a strong SEO strategy and practice? How are you going to drive traffic to the site? Are you going to run ad campaigns? If you are going after the B2B market – Which clients are you going to approach? What is your niche or your approach? You must have a plan on how to make your implementation of a platform successful. What are your metrics for success? 

4. What happens when the orders start coming in?

Once you have selected your platform and you are getting the orders flowing in then what do you do? If you are having to run operations with manual processes you are heading towards long days and missed deadlines. Whichever platform you choose be sure to run a handful of full cycle tests. Not only test the ordering process that your customers will experience, but also push those orders all the way through to final shipment. Is your overall system integrated from start to finish? If your customers are ordering things that are procured outside your company how does that flow work? Be prepared to handle the orders quickly. 

5. Have you identified your internal leader and team?

Selecting the right person on your team to ensure the project is successful is a key to success. This person should be held responsible for results and should be measured on set milestones and deadlines. If you successfully go through these five steps you are well on your way to a successful web to print implementation and business.

Zakeke is well integrated with nearly all platforms and our knowledgeable team can assist you with selecting and vetting the elements of your ecosystem.

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