7 Ecommerce SEO Tips to Boost Conversions

ecommerce SEO tips

There are over 27 million ecommerce stores globally and this number continues to rise. 

It goes to prove how competitive the ecommerce space is, and ranking on search engines requires extra effort.

You need to apply the right SEO tips to outrank your competitors and draw organic traffic that increases your site’s conversions.

With this in mind, we’ll provide you with 7 of the best SEO practices you can use to achieve both high SERP rankings and boost conversions.


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7 Effective Ecommerce SEO Tips for Higher Conversions

SEO is an important part of ecommerce marketing as it can help bring more traffic and prospective buyers to your store. Here are some of the best ecommerce SEO tips to get you started.

1. Optimize Your Site Navigation

One of the most important ecommerce SEO tips to boost conversions is to simplify your site navigation.

A website with too much clutter or confusing navigation, can cause visitors to leave, thus increasing bounce rates.

A high bounce rate is a signal to search engines that your site provides a negative user experience or doesn’t meet the users’ needs. This can affect your SERP rankings.

Here are a few ecommerce SEO tips to improve your site navigation:

  • Use heat maps to find out how shoppers interact with your site. Use these insights to improve your site navigation.
  • Make essential menu items easy to spot.
  • Use A/B testing to identify the navigation structure that works best with your audience.
  • Stick to the standard navigation style. Users expect a horizontal navigation to be across the top and a vertical navigation down on the left side.

2. Pay Extra Attention to Visuals

There’s a strong relationship between visual content and customer engagement.

High-quality product images and videos of your products make it possible to show your products from various angles and zoom in on the intricate details.

A 3D & AR viewer, like Zakeke’s one, can help you show the products in a 3-dimensional space.

It gives shoppers confidence that the product has the features necessary to solve their needs. This could lead to fewer returns and more repeat purchases. 

You can also share product demo videos to give customers a more solid understanding of how they can use a product to meet their needs.

Here are some ecommerce SEO tips that you can apply to make your visual content SEO-friendly:

  • Use WebP file format. It is lighter compared to other file formats. 
  • For your product videos, host them on a separate video platform, like YouTube.
  • Include meaningful alt-text for images.
  • Save images with descriptive and relevant file names.
  • Use Schema Markup, especially for your videos.
  • Implement lazy loading to ensure your pages load quicker.

See how GoPro, for instance, uses high-quality visuals in its product pages. You can see every button in the camera and all other features.

There are solo shots of the camera as well as shots of the product in use.

The product page also has a video that highlights all the critical features. It helps create excitement about the product without boring the shopper with long blocks of text.

3. Optimize Your Copy

Use the content on your product pages to convince shoppers to buy your products.

It’s also one of the best ecommerce SEO tips weI can give you to help drive more organic traffic to your pages and efficiently drive the growth of your ecommerce business.

How does it work? Well, the key is to use relevant keywords and provide extensive product information to help buyers make quick purchase decisions.

To succeed in this, use keyword research tools like Semrush to find phrases that your target audience is using to find products similar to yours.

You only need to provide Semrush with a broad keyword and it’ll generate numerous keywords that you can use in your copy.

Here’s an illustration.

You can also use the keyword tool to find keywords that are helping your competitors drive organic traffic to their pages.

Here are a few tips to optimize your copy:

  • Clearly highlight your products’ unique selling points
  • Make the benefits of a product clear
  • Provide specific details about each product, such as the size, dimensions, etc.
  • Put the most important information towards the top of the copy
  • Use power words that evoke a response, such as luxurious, unparalleled, premium, revolutionary, etc.
  • Add social proof to build trust

4. Make Your Store Mobile-Responsive

Next on our list of ecommerce SEO tips is to create a mobile-responsive website.

Mobile responsiveness is an important Google ranking factor, which makes this one of the most important ecommerce SEO tips you can implement.

Did you know that the share of online mobile traffic worldwide has been over 50% since 2020?

This means that a good proportion of your prospective customers use mobile devices to browse your ecommerce store. Having a mobile-responsive website ensures that they get a great browsing experience on your site.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Use a responsive website template
  • Increase the size of CTA buttons to make them easily clickable by thumb
  • Use single-column forms
  • Increase font sizes to make them legible on small screens
  • Keep pop-ups to a minimum
  • Have a simple web design

See how Etsy has made its website easy to navigate for mobile users.

A search feature and product categories are the first features on the site. It makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for without endless scrolling.

The font is also legible and there’s no clutter.

You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to test the responsiveness of your website regularly.

5. Increase Your Website Speed

A fast website delivers a better user experience, which increases conversions.

When users don’t have to wait for the content of a page to load, they are more likely to explore your website and engage with your content.

There are several ways you can increase the speed of your website, such as:

  • Reduce HTTPS requests by removing unnecessary images, videos, and plugins
  • Implement lazy loading
  • Make use of a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Use a hosting provider that prioritizes speed

Use PageSpeed Insights by Google to regular monitor the speed of your website and make improvements.

6. Invest Heavily in Content Creation

Creating high-quality content for your website proves your authority in your niche, which builds consumers’ trust in your brand.

It also attracts high-quality backlinks to your page, which Google sees as a vote of confidence from other experts in your niche. This makes search engines rank your content higher.

Here are some ways you can create great content that boosts your SEO and encourages conversions:

  • Educate website visitors about your products, address their questions, and guide them on how to get maximum value from your products
  • Implement an ecommerce video marketing strategy to build audience engagement
  • Personalize content by writing for specific customer segments or buyer personas
  • Use a content map to align content to various stages of the buyer journey

7. Optimize for Voice Search

Research data from HubSpot shows that 56% of consumers use their mobile phone when looking for information on the web.

Many mobile users, use voice assistants to perform these searches. With the rise of voice-activated devices, it’s important to optimize your website for voice search.

Here are some tips to optimize your ecommerce store for voice search:

  • Use conversational language in your content that addresses common questions users might ask
  • Optimize your content for featured snippets. This is what most voice assistants use when providing responses
  • Target long-tail keywords in natural language
  • Update your Google My Business page
  • Develop a robust local SEO strategy

Wrapping Up

The good thing about these 7 ecommerce SEO tips is that they’re easy to implement but effective in boosting conversions.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Use high-quality product visuals and optimize them for search engines 
  • Create keyword-rich and compelling copy
  • Ensure your website is mobile-responsive and fast
  • Create valuable content
  • Optimize your site for voice search

Use marketing tools to continuously measure the effectiveness of these strategies on your website traffic and conversions. And make continuous improvements as necessary.


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