Face Mask Customization Market Skyrocketed – Zakeke Case Study

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Face Mask Market has skyrocketed due to the COVID-19. According to a new study, the global face mask market is expected to reach USD 7.22 billion and a CAGR of 22.14% by 2026. An already visible trend. Zakeke quickly meets the increasing demand for face mask customization. 

The Market

Face masks, whether we like it or not, are becoming a must-have. In many Asian countries, wearing a face mask in public has been a cultural phenomenon long before COVID-19. The norm of wearing a mask in those areas came about for several reasons: first of all, the industrialization that led to bad air quality, then other diseases that impacted fiercely those countries of the world.

Face masks certainly impact the way that we interact socially as we will likely have to find a new normal to effectively communicate with others in the nonverbal ways. Anyway, just like sunglasses and hats evolved from sun protection to fashion accessories, masks may do the same.

Whether it’s the design you choose or the way you fasten your mask to your face (with a popular debate now ensuing over whether ear loops or clasps behind the head are better), you have an opportunity to make a statement with the mask you wear — and protect others in style.

The challenge

Meeting people’s growing demand for custom orders

The market is pushing demand for cloth face masks so high that is difficult to keep up. Almost everybody in the fashion and the interior design industry has pivoted and they’re all making masks now. They realized that maybe over time it’s going to be part of our culture and if people are comfortable with the design, they will be more likely to wear them.

Many companies weren’t doing any custom orders for retail sales before, maybe they only allowed buyers to add small details to their products but nothing more. Considering the growing demand for personalized cloth face masks they now need to have the right systems in place to meet that demand that comes from both B2C and B2B markets.

Fulfilling custom orders

The customer experience must be prioritized because customers come first.

Most of the time each order has to go through design, approval and then printing. It requires a lot of time and a lot of back and forth so the company can only offer this service to customers ordering great number of pieces.

Allowing visitors to design their own products is great and time saver but the process needs to be easy and fun for the customer or they will leave the website with the shopping cart empty.

Finding the right tool to help scaling

Finding the right customization tool can be frustrating at first because on one hand you really want to grow but on the other hand you fear the tool won’t be as you expect. Some of the difficulties can be:

  • it requires crazy investments and upfront costs
  • it doesn’t really help fulfilling more orders in time
  • the look and feel don’t match the brand and the website
  • it is hard to install and implement on the marketplace
  • online buyers find difficult to use it
  • it doesn’t help the company scaling

The solution

A product customizer you can install and test in less than one day

No more struggling and no more time spent fussing with technology with Zakeke. You can install it and test it in less than one day, no coding required. Moreover, the subscription models perfectly match your needs: small monthly subscription to get started – versus a steep upfront fee.

Zakeke is the tool that grants a great experience for both visitors and store owners.

Here’s the biggest benefits from both sides using Zakeke:

  • Pay $0 on hosting costs or maintenance: Zakeke works on the cloud and integrates seamlessly with the most popular e-commerce platforms. You’ll never have to worry about hosting costs, manual software updates, or maintenance.
  • Launch fast… real fast: creating your customizable products in Zakeke is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Text, colors, patterns, images… you have full control of every possible customization you want to offer your store visitors.
  • Increase sales and margins: take control of your pricing options with a percentage or fixed rate upcharge for every product attribute your clients change.
  • Receive print-ready files: each order comes with the right files, every single time. Simply get the files and go to print. Zakeke delivers print-ready files in PDF, PNG, SVG and AutoCad DXF formats.
  • Get Customer Support that’s always ready to help: our friendly team will assist you from implementation to launch. You get access to our Guidance Center and direct access to our helpdesk from your Admin Panel. We resolve 97% of support requests within one day and frequently update our tools with fixes and new features.
  • Automate your workflow: Zakeke is compatible with services and apps mostly used to manage eCommerce store such as print-on-demand service (Printful, CustomCat, Invition) and automatization tools (Zapier, Order Desk, WebHooks).
  • Get a fast and intuitive experience: Zakeke works blazing fast on desktop and mobile devices. Customers can easily customize their products and see an immediate, high-quality 3D rendering, without slowing down your website’s load speed.
  • Love to buy from their phones: Zakeke works smoothly on any device and screen size. Visitors get the full customization experience, fast interface, and 3D preview on their phones.
  • See before they buy: Zakeke allows your customers to quickly and easily customize products and preview them in 3D before making a purchase. It’s a uniquely immersive shopping experience that gives customers the confidence to order on the spot.
  • Experience Augmented Reality: customers can see the customized product in their real world via smartphone thanks to AR.
  • Write 5-star reviews: customers who get exactly what they want love to tell everyone about it. Imagine a swarm of happy buyers publishing glaring reviews for your store on Google, Facebook, Shopify, WooCommerce and all-over social media.

The result

Increased sales

After a quick installation process and once our face masks customers had their whole inventory of customizable products live, they were ready to double down on traffic and increase sales. Drastically reducing time spent on each order helped them meet a growing demand.

They have solid traffic going to their site and they started seeing results right away after implementing Zakeke. They also have active paid campaigns driving traffic to their site, but none of those are targeting custom products. Still, personalized orders jumped to a great increase of their total sales.

Increased trust and satisfaction

Our customers in the face mask industry reported the 3D previewer has helped their business grow quite a bit showing visitors what they’re going to get when they’re placing their order. Customers do not have issues navigating the different tools in Zakeke and are easily able to customize their products.

Zakeke is a loyal partner to online stores that rely on product customization.

Try Zakeke for free for 14 days here.

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