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Future Fashion joins Zakeke Group

FF joins Zakeke

The 3D Asset Management solution will be integrated into Zakeke’s Visual Commerce platform and launched globally.

The integration of Future Fashion into the group led by Angelo Coletta is part of Zakeke’s journey to develop an all-in-one visual platform for merchants worldwide. The integration of the 3D asset management platform complements its offerings and strengthens its presence in the fashion and luxury industries.

Future Fashion, an omnichannel platform that helps fashion brands virtualize their collections, announced its entry into Zakeke Group, a world-leading SaaS company in Visual Commerce space that allows eCommerce brands and retailers to simultaneously offer customization, 3D configuration, Augmented Reality visualization, Try-On, and NFT minting to their customers.

The operation, which involves a first step of investment by Zakeke in Future Fashion and then its subsequent complete acquisition, will help create a stronger international leader with italian roots and with a team of 60 people. This consolidates its role as a category leader, after a long collaboration that has successfully managed clients such as Valentino and A. Testoni.

eCommerce is undergoing a deep revolution that also affects physical distribution, with consumers increasingly demanding a new customer-to-brand relationship model made of 3D visualization, visual customization, Try-On, NFTs, and holograms, and that in a very short time, as demonstrated by the data of the incredible growth in conversion and loyalty rates for brands that already use them, will become a conditio sine qua non for existing and asserting oneself in the physical world, in the eCommerce channel and in the emerging metaverses.

The hybrid use of generative AI and photogrammetric scanners is also opening up the space for an incredible reduction in costs for creating 3D assets and a simultaneous increase in their quality, which now has nothing to envy of old photos, all through simple and shared management that Zakeke and the 3DSuite platform developed by Future Fashion will offer to all their clients worldwide, contributing to an improved workflow management of the creation of 3D models, a collaborative approach to managing and maintaining 3D catalogs, even of very large sizes.

Zakeke, with over 7,000 active clients worldwide, 50% of which are based between the United States and Canada, including many world-class brands such as Ubisoft, HP, Sandro Paris, Bauli, thanks to plugins that connect to all eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Bigcommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Wix, Etsy, is focused on making it accessible, easy and intuitive for customers of all sizes, to have a completely new shopping experience that is based on deep interaction with the product, while riding the waves of mass customization and Visual Commerce.

The needs of the digital consumer, as well as those of brands and retailers, are constantly evolving. With the entry of Future Fashion into the Zakeke Group, we respond to these changes by strengthening the completeness of our technology platform and continuing on the path of creating a single all-in-one platform for Visual Commerce,” says Angelo Coletta, says Angelo Coletta, co-founder and CEO of Zakeke. “We are confident that the combination of our expertise in the field of customization and management of digital assets will lead to great successes and tangible value for our current and future clients.”

We are convinced that 3D will become the standard for object visualization within 5 years. With Zakeke, we want to create a single end-to-end platform for the 3D world,” says Andrea Carpineti, CEO and co-founder of Future Fashion. “Our platforms are complementary: while Future Fashion is focused on the automated and massive generation of 3D assets, Zakeke will continue in the development of a vertical platform for customization, with the goal of consolidating and strengthening its role as a reference player in the international landscape.

About Zakeke

Zakeke empowers brands and retailers to provide consumers with seamless customization options and product personalization through 2D, 3D and augmented reality. Its suite of tools can be integrated into any e-commerce platform or a brand’s back-end to enhance the consumer shopping experience while increasing sales for customers across industries ranging from fashion and jewelry to gaming, gadgets, and sports equipment.

Founded in 2017, Zakeke has over 7,000 customers globally in hundreds of industries looking to engage consumers with an interactive, visually appealing shopping journey. Zakeke is cloud-based, cross-platform and multi-lingual, making it easy for customers of all sizes to easily adapt and grow sales.

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About Future Fashion

Future Fashion s.r.l. is an innovative SME founded in 2017 by Andrea Carpineti (CEO), Francesco Carpineti (CCO) and Michele Luconi to enhance one of the most important districts of the area they live in, the footwear district between the provinces of Macerata and Fermo in the Marche region. As owner of the brand DIS, over the years the company has developed an embeddable end-to-end platform to manage the fastest customized shoe service in the world, through the brand DIS.

In 2021 Future Fashion decided to validate a new business division on the market, focused on reselling its platform to the fashion brands, to create, manage and visualize 3D assets in SaaS modality.

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