Integrating Virtual Try-On in eCommerce: A Step-by-Step Guide

Virtual Tryon integration eCommerce

Try before you buy! Virtual try-on technology in eCommerce empowers customers to test products online before making a purchase, simply by utilizing their smartphone or desktop camera. 

In this article, we will explore how you can seamlessly integrate this technology into your webshop for an enhanced shopping experience. 


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1. Trying on Glasses Virtually: A Seamless Experience

With Virtual Try-On, customers can effortlessly try on glasses virtually, evaluating how well they fit and suit their preferences. This technology enables users to explore an extensive selection, experimenting with various models and colors to make informed comparisons. 

The real-time testing feature provides a unique shopping experience, allowing potential clients to visualize themselves wearing the glasses, enabling quicker and more confident purchasing decisions.

How does it work? The process is simple – customers can take a picture of themselves using their webcam or smartphone. By merely looking into their device’s camera, the glasses are virtually placed on their face, enabling them to explore all the details of the eyewear. 

2. The Technology Behind Virtual Try-On for glasses

Virtual glass fitting utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver realistic results. Using artificial intelligence and 3D scanning, the customer’s face and head are accurately captured and analyzed, allowing for precise adjustments to the glasses’ shape. 

Augmented Reality (AR) technology plays a crucial role, providing customers with real-time visuals of how the glasses would look on them.

3. Companies Offering Virtual Try-On for Glasses

Several prominent retailers, including Apollo, Fielmann, Ray-Ban, Lenskartl, and GlassUSA, already offer virtual fitting for glasses. This technology’s potential is continually being recognized by more companies, making it an increasingly popular feature in the market.

4. 5 Steps to Integrate Virtual Try-On in Your eCommerce Store

1. Choose the Right AR Technology for Your Shop

Opt for a SaaS platform, which allows easy integration of virtual try-on without the need for programming knowledge or significant investments. With Zakeke’s user-friendly platform, you can upload product photos, create 3D models, and integrate them via plugins effortlessly.

2. Create High-Quality 3D Models of Your Products

Invest in high-quality 3D models of your products, enabling customers to view items from all angles, grasping a comprehensive understanding of their size, shape, and attributes. 

You can hire professional 3D modelling services or use different software to create your own models. Optimize the models for AR by reducing polygons and texture sizes to enhance performance on mobile devices.

3. Implement AR Into Your Website

Implementing AR in your website or app can be achieved through AR plugins or SDKs designed specifically for eCommerce. Zakeke offers an easy-to-implement Plug-in for popular shop platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, allowing easy installation without any developer skills.

4. Test and Optimize Your AR eCommerce Integration

After integrating AR eCommerce, thoroughly test and optimize the user experience. Identify and address any technical issues, such as slow loading times or glitches in the virtual try-on. 

Gather feedback from customers to understand how they interact with the AR features and make necessary adjustments to enhance the experience.

5. Promote Your AR Integration

Promote your new AR capabilities through your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns. Highlight the benefits of AR, such as the ability to view products in 3D or try on virtual glasses.

Encourage customers to share their AR experiences on social media and offer incentives like discounts or free shipping. Effective promotion will attract new customers and foster loyalty among existing ones.


In conclusion, integrating virtual try-on in eCommerce is a game-changer for the online shopping experience, particularly in the eyewear industry. It has revolutionized the way customers shop online by allowing them to virtually try on products before making a purchase. 

This innovative approach not only provides convenience but also boosts customer confidence and reduces returns

By following these steps, businesses can leverage the power of virtual try-on to attract new customers, foster brand loyalty, and elevate their position in the competitive market.


Want to take your business to the next level? Download our free ebook “How AR Can Elevate Your Business” to discover how to use AR to improve products visualization and boost sales.

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Manuel Messner

CEO – Mazing GmbH

Manuel Messner, CEO & Co-Founder of Mazing, specializes in immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual reality. A seasoned entrepreneur, he leverages his e-commerce experience to provide innovative web AR solutions, positioning Mazing among leading AR companies in Europe and the USA.


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