Key Benefits of a 3D Product Configurator

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3D Product Configurator revolutionized the world of ecommerce. Whether you want to design furniture, a new car or customize a pair of sneakers, the possibilities are endless. Allowing customers to visualize the production process from start to finish in front of their eyes can pave the way for a brand-new level of customer satisfaction and brand affinity. There are countless benefits associated with implementing 3D product configuration for the consumer as well as the manufacturer.   

Higher quality products 

3D custom configured products almost always adhere to the highest level of production standards and quality. With so much input during the initial design process, the customer can create a product that complements their original demands and requirements. They are more likely to be satisfied with the final result and recommend the services of the company elsewhere. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and greater customer relations over time. It can also trigger higher sales and a larger return on investment. A 3D product configurator also allows manufacturers to exhibit their product before it has been launched to generate interest and gain a sense of the collective needs and wants of their customer base.   

Entertaining and interactive 

Consumers respond to and are drawn to innovation and collaboration. Static images and text on social media and ecommerce sites today are considered the old way and the opportunity to do something different can attract inquisitive customers. This can increase the length of time they spend browsing the site and boost the likelihood of them placing an order. With so many variations available, customers can spend hours constructing the perfect product to suit them. Brands have been competing to come up with the most innovative approach to 3D product configuration to sell their products for decades. Brands like Nike and Tesla are part of a growing number of brands that are choosing to harness the selling power of a 3D product configurator to stand out from the crowd and enhance overall brand loyalty. 


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Increased social media presence 

When a consumer feels empowered about a brand-new product or service that interests them or that they have designed, they are more likely to head to social media and share with their friends. This buzz can increase site traffic and boost your rankings. Interested customers are more likely to make a purchase if they have been referred or inspired by others. As this cycle repeats itself over time, your brand will continue to grow and eventually surpass the competition. Social media also allows consumers to obtain immediate social validation on their custom-configured creations. By receiving positive feedback, they can be reassured they have designed a product that perfectly suits their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

An increased social media presence can benefit both the consumer as well as the brand. As a customer receives an endless stream of likes and shares on their video post, the brand benefits from a greater sense of brand awareness and recognition amongst their intended target audience. 

Measurable customer satisfaction 

A 3D product configurator allows consumers to find out what they really want and allows manufacturers to determine what sells. This can lead to new and improved product launches. The opportunity to fully customize your own product from start to finish can give companies the insight needed to implement these changes and measure their success. By keeping up with customer demand, you can retain your existing customer base and increase your chances of reaching a wider pool of prospective customers over time. If a particular feature or preference proves popular, it may benefit the brand to incorporate it into a regular model lineup. Features or preferences that perform poorly can also be removed from inventory to save the company valuable time and money better spent elsewhere. 

Greater customer alignment 

3D product configuration offers a 360-degree view of the product they are intending to purchase and may be the difference between them completing the sale and abandoning the site altogether. 3D product configuration also allows customers to monitor the cost of their design over time. Different design options and customizations can give customers the power to control what they pay and make changes as necessary during the entire production process.

Reduced marketing costs 

3D product configuration technology can shorten the overall sales and marketing process. By receiving feedback from customers in real-time, you can adjust and fine-tune your product as time goes on. You can also save on inventory costs. As customers design products on request, there is no need for a stacked inventory. This can lead to reduced costs in several other departments such as logistics, marketing, and storage. 

Increased customer loyalty 

If customers can design a product to suit their taste and budget, they are more likely to return and reuse your services. Customer satisfaction can lead to customer loyalty. If your customer is impressed with the service they have received, they are also more likely to recommend your brand to a friend. This process can trigger a domino effect that can result in increased site traffic and larger profit margins. Great customer service can also have a dramatic impact on the relationship with the customer and the brand. With your undivided attention, they are unlikely to shop elsewhere. 3D product configuration can transform the way in which you buy and sell products online.

Consumers can design a product that perfectly reflects their individual needs, budget, and requirements. It’s time for you to add a 3D product configurator to bring your business into the 21st century. Interactivity and engagement is the key to your brand standing out from the crowd and adapting to the future. By enjoying a 3D shopping experience from the comfort of their own home, consumers can harness their creativity and make decisions in record time. 

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