September Product & Features Update: what’s new?

Zakeke update

1- Forcing the design to be a single color or a limited number of colors

We developed this new features based on your requests as many of you do screen printing or just need to limit the number of colors that the customer can use to create the design to personalize your items. 

When you activate this function you can set a limited number of colors and you can decide whether to leave the customers free to choose any color from a color picker or offer only a limited range of colors. Customer will be able to use only that number of colors to create their designs.

See this short video below

Read more here.

2- New text functions

We worked to improve the text tool to make it more powerful. We added:

  • Font size and possibility to set a fixed font size or a min/max range.
  • Line spacing and letter spacing
  • Vertical alignment

You find these new functions in the text section in the Printing Methods.

Read here if you wish to know more on how the text tool works in Zakeke. 

3- Integrations with Hotjar and Google Tag Manager

Zakeke now allows you to add Hotjar and Google Tag Manager to your account. You can use Hotjar to understand how your customers use the customizer at your website. Goolge Tag Manager allows you to add tags to analyze how users interact with your Zakeke.

Read here to know how to use Hotjar and Google Tag Manager.

4- New color picker

The new color picker makes it easier for your customers to re-use colors in a design as it shows last colors used and colors in use in the design.

5- Etsy

A couple of news for those who use Zakeke with Etsy:

  • The edit print files feature is now available for you as well.
  • You can now change the status of an order in the Zakeke backoffice. If you change the status from Completed to New it will re-generate the link to the designer.

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