Top 10 E-commerce Trends in 2023 Every Store Should Know About

ecomm trends

Click-click and you got yourself a brand-new car right in front of your porch. 

Yes. You heard it right. 

Online shopping has grown in popularity, and if you really want to keep up with new e-commerce trends then you should read our article carefully. In the upcoming years, e-commerce is expected to grow even more rapidly.

 We’ve selected the top 10 trends in 2023 that you should definitely start using ASAP.


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1. Mobile Shopping

Cell phones are going to be a big part of online shopping in the future. – Over half of all online shopping in the United States occurred through mobile devices in 2018, with expectations for this trend to further increase.

The majority of online purchases, around 75%, will be conducted through mobile devices by 2023. Mobile commerce involves more than just utilizing your phone for buying items.

This means that whenever you make a transaction by using your phone, such as interacting with advertisements, conversing with sales personnel, or exploring different brands on your phone’s browser or app.

It is essential to have a website that is responsive across all devices, enabling customers to effortlessly browse through your complete range of products.

2. Food & Beverage

E-commerce is being increasingly adopted by establishments such as grocery stores, cafes, and fast-food places, where people can purchase food and beverages. They are exploring novel approaches to utilize technology in order to directly sell and advertise their products to customers.

It is advisable for food and drink companies to establish an online shopping system for their customers if they haven’t already. Understanding the diverse trends happening in this swiftly changing domain is vital for companies seeking to improve their existing website, web application, or mobile app, considering both the business and consumer outlook.

The competition within the online food and drink industry continues to intensify as time goes on. In order to ensure the long-term success of your company, it is vital to have a food and beverage e-commerce platform that has the ability to develop and execute strategies that enhance customer satisfaction, streamline internal operations, and enhance the visibility of your brand across various online platforms.

3. Variety of Payment Methods

E-commerce stores benefit from offering diverse payment methods as it provides customers with a variety of options to select from, according to their individual circumstances, resulting in a better shopping experience. It is improbable that they will abandon the cart.

Flat, rectangular pieces of paper or plastic, known as cards, are commonly utilized for playing games, providing information, or displaying identification. Nowadays, the most widespread methods of payment are debit and credit cards. The importance of contactless cards has increased during the pandemic. The technology incorporated in these cards is either RFID or NFC.

Cash is a means of payment made with tangible currency, like banknotes and coins, which is utilized for buying products and services. Payments made through a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, are known as mobile payments. Paying for items can be done through the use of a mobile device, as opposed to traditional methods such as cash or credit cards.

4. Online Promotion and Advertising

With the growing popularity of online shopping, the number of online ads is also on the rise. Stores face the challenge of increased advertising expenses due to the growing number of competitors, which is not good news for them. Nonetheless, one must give careful thought to this trend while formulating budgets and marketing plans.

About 60% of people from Generation Z buy products or services directly from social media platforms. Previously, social media was primarily utilized by individuals to explore novel products, yet it has now become an avenue for businesses to enhance their sales as well. The forefront of the social commerce revolution is occupied by young people from Generation Z.

Disregarding the importance of social media might pose a risk for businesses that could potentially fall behind as Gen Z grows into adulthood. Technology is something they are well-acquainted with, and they strive for a connected and effortless user experience across all their online activities.

5. Customer Service

In 2023, the emphasis of customer service is on being easily reachable and supportive to customers both prior to and following their purchase. While it is important for your customer service to be efficient and effective in problem-solving, there are instances where customers simply seek someone who will attentively listen to their concerns.

Effective communication and active listening to customers can help resolve the majority of problems. Expecting someone to be constantly available to answer questions is not a realistic expectation. This is where stores should try out new technologies like chatbots. Chatbots support crafting a set of responses that provide customers with the impression of having a sincere dialogue.

6. Conversational Marketing

Businesses employ conversational marketing as a means of interacting with customers through conversing and facilitating two-way communication. The main aim is to actively connect with customers in real-time and emphasize relationship-building through dialogue.

The concept of conversational marketing involves interacting with individuals who land on your website, aiming to convert them into potential customers or offering a means for current customers to continue engaging with your business. The utilization of Conversational marketing facilitates a faster customer journey, an increased average e-commerce conversion rate and increased customer engagement

Drift, a company focused on marketing and sales, introduced this word for the very first time. It simplified the process for companies to engage with their target audience and existing clientele. It facilitates rapid communication between teams and website visitors, ensuring immediate access to desired answers and information.

7. Voice and Visual Searches

An escalating number of individuals are resorting to modern approaches like voice and visual searches to explore and make purchases on the internet. Optimize your online store to meet the needs of both search engines and customers searching for products. 

The utilization of AI technology in voice-based e-commerce has led to its expansion and development as an integral component within the e-commerce industry. People who shop online like using their voice to do things like search, order, and buy stuff on the internet because it’s easier for them. 

While engaged in various tasks, virtual digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa simplify the process of shopping online. Users can buy things without having to pause their daily tasks. It is essential for e-commerce companies to incorporate and enhance voice search capabilities in their online stores and mobile apps.

8. Subscription Commerce

Companies are starting to offer subscriptions to keep customers returning and making more money.  More people are choosing to pay for subscriptions or memberships because the economy is not stable and prices are increasing.

Keeping current customers is less expensive than gaining new ones. Building strong connections with customers will be very important for lasting success in 2023. Many businesses will use subscription services to keep customers returning and ensure they continue to earn money from those customers in the future.

Currently, about 35% of individuals who make weekly online purchases are utilizing subscription services, and this percentage is anticipated to further rise by 2023. Subscription commerce can provide convenience for your customers if it is applicable to your business. 

This is especially beneficial for customers who often order the same items. Eliminating the requirement to place orders manually, eases the burden on your customers and reduces their worries. 

9. The Importance of AR and VR

Retailers utilize Augmented Reality, an impressive technology, to promote their products. The increasing appeal of AR and virtual reality has resulted in swift changes within e-commerce. In 2023, AR is expected to change the way people shop.

“Try before you buy” has a different meaning with augmented reality (AR) commerce. Customers can utilize AR commerce’s 3D mapping capabilities to test out products or explore experiences before making a purchasing decision. 

AR has revolutionized various industries, particularly fashion, beauty, and home decor, by allowing customers to easily access and experience products and services. Brands are able to utilize AR commerce even if they don’t have physical stores.

10. Personalization

Regardless of the specific technology employed, everyone craves a tailored experience. The hope is that when we access Netflix, we encounter something they believe will be a source of entertainment for us. Nowadays, customers seek a similar shopping experience when they go online.

Regardless of the specific technology employed, everyone craves a tailored experience. The hope is that when we access Netflix, we encounter something they believe will be a source of entertainment for us.

Nowadays, customers seek a similar shopping experience when they go online. The majority of people are interested in receiving customized special offers that depend on the information acquired from their accounts. Customers are happy to give their information if it means they’ll get a more customized experience.

That’s where Zakeke comes into play! What better experience than customizing your product? Zakeke is a Visual Commerce Platform that enables your e-commerce business to boost engagement and conversions with the power of Visual Commerce. Offering personalization, 3D configuration, AR and Try-On, Zakeke provides a comprehensive and innovative shopping experience.

Worthy e-commerce trends 

Establishing an online store can be challenging, however, expanding and achieving success with it is an even greater obstacle. To gain an edge over your rivals and distinguish your store, consider incorporating these trendy concepts into your online tactics for the year 2023.

If you are unsure about the outcome, you do not need to allocate a significant amount of funds toward it. Begin by working with a limited number of customers and adapt gradually. The nature of online shopping competition is always in a state of flux and growth.

Fashion changes constantly, but for online stores to keep up and do well, they have to pay attention to the latest trends and pick the right solutions for their customers.


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