Why Online Customization Helps Sporting Goods & Equipments Stores Thrive

Online sporting goods and equipment stores typically enjoy brisk sales because they have a captured market. But e-commerce retailers are still hampered by several challenges, which impacted their bottom lines.

The sports equipment industry has a market size of over $74 billion in 2020. But the sector has an estimated compound annual growth rate of 3.5% through 2025. The sector will expand to $89.2 billion by the end of the forecast period.

But online stores are hounded by product returns. On average, the rate of product returns for e-commerce websites is 20%. The figure is twice the 8-10% return rate for brick-and-mortar stores.

The good news is that you can drastically cut the rate of product returns with a simple visual customization tool. The plug-and-play plugin enables the e-commerce website to implement the solution without the time lag.



Why use Visual Customization?

Here are the reasons why visual customization helps boost sales for sporting goods and equipment stores:

  1. Dynamic pricing — The 3D Configuration tool allows the customer to see the approximate price when adding product changes. The dynamic pricing feature will reflect the changes based on the number of customizations.
  2. A more fun way to browse — Rather than the boring static images, you can elevate their experience by allowing them to interact with the product. They can rotate and zoom in or out to view the item from every angle.
  3. Digitally visit the store — A store tour will bring the customers right to your physical shop. They can see the item they want and add it to the cart, or mark it on their minds the next time they visit. The technology is not new, and it’s possible using Augmented Reality. Those who tried the AR feature of Google Maps will be familiar with how the store tour works.
  4. Immediately receive a quote — The auto-response generator will send an email to the customer who is requesting a price quotation for the product. The buyer can export the quotation in .csv format, which you can edit and saved in your desired extension.
  5. See order details at one glance — Customers want to make sure they ordered the right item before adding it to the cart. The 3D Configurator allows them to review the product at a single glance.
  6. Make your website more professional — Customers would rather spend their money on a sophisticated-looking website because of the perception that it is selling only high-quality items. The website is fully invested in product quality if it is investing money to beautify its storefront.


Trust is a precious commodity in e-commerce. Retailers that improved their websites experience an increase in sales from between 15% and 50%.

These are some of the ways how online customization can help your online sporting goods and equipment store.

Zakeke will help you implement these features without spending too much time on integration and adoption.

The visual customization tool seamlessly integrates with every shopping platform to avoid glitches and ensure a smoother experience. Read how Zakeke helps Sleefs drive 10% of their sales, without any paid or organic campaigns. 

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