Zakeke stands with Ukraine

As a company, as citizens of a global community, and as human beings, we condemn the atrocity of the Ukraine invasion, and we can’t stay silent or turn our heads away.

Our ongoing support
As this heartbreaking situation continues to evolve, we know we don’t have all the answers, but we will continue to learn and be thoughtful through this challenging time, offering our support to multiple non-profit organizations, like the Red Cross, that are currently involved in helping the Ukrainian people, on the field.

That is why we just decided to officially begin our recruitment process for all of those Ukrainians that are battling through this, with previous experience in Software development, UX/UI, 3D development, Business and Sales development, offering a full-time job in Foggia (Italy) with household and relocation support, including family members.

This is one of multiple ways in which we can and we will help the Ukrainian people, we believe that the future is something that is built day by day, with hard work, strong beliefs and a straight vision.

We welcome those who want to continue to craft their future, with hope, pride and faith.

Angelo Coletta
CEO & Founder of Zakeke

Angelo Coletta
CEO & Founder of Zakeke

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