3D & AR Configuration: The Perfect fit to Custom Machinery Increasing Demand

Machinery 3D

Consumer demand creates competition, and as competition becomes stiffer, customers become even more demanding. This cyclical consumption process is forcing businesses to catch up. For example, from being a luxury, a website is necessary for a business to survive today.

However, the digital sphere has become saturated, and you need to adopt new technologies to compete. So, the increasing demand for 3D and AR configuration in heavy machinery is not that surprising.

The industrial machinery industry is seen to hit nearly $800 billion by 2027 from the $565.6 billion last year. The increase translates to a compound annual growth rate of five percent during the forecast period.

What is 3D and AR Configurator, and Why Does Your Business Need One?

As you migrate online, you will find that you are not the only fish on the pond. Worse, with more capital at their disposal, your competitors can afford to drop the item price. Meanwhile, doing so will hurt your bottom line in the long term.

The only way to maintain an edge over your competition is by offering a customized customer experience.

Customers do not mind paying more when they are satisfied with the service.

They are willing to spend 17% more than the average price for a better customer experience.

With the 3D and AR configurator, customers can now better appreciate the product they designed themselves on the website rather than imagine it on their heads.

The 3D and AR configurator will be invaluable to ensure a customized customer experience.

Purchasing heavy machinery is literally a huge investment. For example, an excavator can range between $100,000 and $500,000. They want all available information to help shape their decisions.

You can give your store an edge through the use of a 3D or AR configurator. For example, you can simulate the experience for them by putting them right on the driver’s seat. Using the same technology, they can:

  • Customize the color
  • Change the seat fabric
  • Take a virtual tour of the machinery
  • Simulate how it works on the field

The more they personalize the product, the more sense of ownership they have. As a result, you will only boost the chance of closing the sale.

In the end, you can create an immersive and interactive experience for your customers.

Customized Experience for Customized Machinery

The machinery industry is a capital-intensive and highly demanding sector that serves multiple markets, including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation, and mining.

It is demanding in the sense that customers know precisely what they want, and what they need may not exactly be available in the market yet.

If you are selling customized engines, the AR configurator allows your customers to build their motors digitally. Customers can pick the components from the itemized list, then order the final product once completed.

In that way, they can see the final engine even before it arrives at their doorsteps.

The 3D and AR Configurator will meet the mercurial demands of the customized machinery industry. Since the solution is intuitive, websites would not scare away their customers as they can go right away to personalizing or customizing the products to fit their needs.

The configurator will ensure three things:

  • The customers can visualize the design with high-quality 3D models and not just imagine it.
  • They can play around with the product, such as starting the engine or hearing it run, for instance. For heavy machinery, customers can also see how the excavator moves or lifts.
  • Make ordering straightforward. Once they find the item, the software solution also creates a convenient process of configuring the quotations, pricing, or special offers–all in real-time.

More Ownership of Products

Finally, the 3D & AR configurator will give your customers more ownership of their products. The mental make-up of the customer remains the same–they want their voices heard.

The last thing you want is for the customers to feel that they are simply a tool for profit.

Customers still want to feel special, whether or not they will shop at a physical store or from your website. The next step is to let them play a more significant role in the products they want to purchase.


Zakeke can help scale your business using its AR and 3D product configurator. Unlike other software products, it is applicable both online and physical store. As a result, you can help break down the silos between your engineering and sales departments. In the end, you reduce returns, increase customer loyalty, and improve your sales funnel.


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