Why you need a Product Customizer & 3D Configurator for your Prestashop store

The way of shopping definitely changed. The pandemic has prompted even the most skeptical to think in an omnichannel perspective and to bring their business online. However, online shopping has a real big disadvantage compared to traditional shopping: the lack of a direct experience with the products. This is why many customers in some sectors prefer to have an in-store shopping experience. In this context, a Product Customizer & 3D Configurator can help turn disadvantage into advantage. It helps to better explain the product than an image or a description. And, above all it offers a personalized customer experience. In fact, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences and 32% request personalized offers. Most online buyers base their choices on graphical representation.

What is a Prestashop Product Customizer?

A product customizer is a software application that allows customers to customize the products directly on your online store. In the case of a product customizer like Zakeke, the experience is enhanced by 3D models that allow customers to get in touch with the product, exactly as it happens in store. It offers a new way to interact with products. Customers can view them from any angle, rotate them, zoom in and so on. They can also change material, choose elements, etc. In other words, they can do everything they would do in real life.

Why use a Prestashop Product Customizer & 3D Configurator?

A Prestashop Product Customizer & 3D Configurator gives your customers all the tools they need to create exactly what they want to buy. The advantages of implementing a product customizer in your Prestashop shop are countless. Let’s try to list the main ones:
  • Conversion rate: recent studies reveal conversion rates increase by up to 250% on product pages with 3D models and AR technology and that customers are willing to pay more for the products they have designed and customized. Product customization helps the customer in the decision-making phase. People tend to remember 80% of what they see or do versus only 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. 67% of consumers say high-quality visual content is more important than product description or customer ratings.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: using product customization software helps your business reduce costs too – especially if your business stocks – or dropships – generic items that can be simply configured through a print on demand service. In addition, it eliminates the need to present endless variations of the same product on your site. You simply let your customers get creative.
  • Return reduction: E-commerce has a higher rate of return than the physical store. It is around 20% versus 8-10% respectively. A product customizer with AR and 3D technologies allows the customer to inspect every detail. The image will be as close to reality as possible, increasing customer satisfaction and thus reducing the return rate.
  • Workflow automation: a product configurator connects to your Prestashop shop offering a perfect integration with your ERP and your business ecosystem. It must support all the best automation software for eCommerce making your business workflow easy.
  • Cutting-edge customer experience: By 2026, multi-generational consumer groups will demand 3D retail experience. The spread of the Internet and smartphones equipped with augmented reality capabilities will lead the customers of the future to completely abandon traditional shopping. This is one of the reasons why you should choose a 3D Product Configurator.
Zakeke Interface

Zakeke Interface

What you can do with a Prestashop Product Customizer & 3D Configurator?

Again, options are endless. The only limit is your imagination. To give you a taste of what you can do with a Prestashop Product Customizer & 3D Configurator visit the demo store where you can see it in action. Here are the best features that a Prestashop Product Customizer & 3D Configurator must have:
  • 3D Configuration: customers have to be able to build their own versions of your products, choosing component, changing elements and materials, customizing colors and more and more.
  • Augmented Reality e 3D view: customers have to be able to see the personalized item in their own space in real size via Augmented Reality and see a live and realistic 3D model of the product that they can zoom in on, rotate and interact with. Learn more on the importance of 3D Commerce.
  • Unlimited configuration options: you need flexibility and scalability. A Prestashop Product Customizer & 3D Configurator must give you unlimited configuration options. That it to say you have to be able to set multiple colors, sizes and style of the same product; to create templates of editable area of your product instead of letting customers personalize it from scratch; to define rules and restrictions for each design, to make customizable all sides and angles of your product or choose among simple print or all-over print.
  • Flexible printing methods: you have to be able to set unlimited printing methods for one or more products, sides and variants. You can define settings for your print-ready files that can be used for engraving, embroidery, and personalization methods other than printing.
  • Multichannel approach: it is a mistake to think that product customization is only for online store. The trend is to mix traditional shopping with digital shopping in an omnichannel perspective. In other words, creating a unique customer experience, which integrates online and in-store services. Just a tablet to bring product customization in-store.

How to integrate a Product Customizer & 3D Configurator?

Zakeke can help you integrate a Product Customizer & 3D Configurator into your Prestashop store. Zakeke is an innovative cloud platform that integrates all the best features a product customizer must have. It provides solutions for all types of businesses: from small businesses to the most important international brands. It is one of the world’s best product configuration platforms with unprecedented 3D image quality. Do not you believe it? Take a look at the demo store and see for yourself. Want to beat the competition? Start the free trial now or schedule a call with one of our product configuration experts for Prestashop. If you want to learn how integrate Zakeke in your Prestashop store click here.
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