Not only Customization: 6 Things You Can Do With Zakeke

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Zakeke is a cutting-edge tool for Product Customization. This is what we all know but it is not just that. It is more than customization. It is a companion that enhances your brand and simplifies your processes. There are many things you can do with and today we show you 6 Things You Can Do With Zakeke.

Product Customization

First, Zakeke is a product customization tool. So, you can give your buyers exactly what they want. With an easy and fast installation, you can create a product catalogue and turn any item in your store into a customizable product. Buyers can add their own images, names, numbers and phrases to your products in their favorite fonts. They can change its color, size, orientation, rotation, or make text curved. In other words, buyers can personalize your items and have their dream product.

Product Configuration

Product Customizer and Product Configurator are different (click here for more details). Zakeke transforms customers into creators. You can let customers build their own versions of your products choosing component, changing elements and customizing colors and materials. Let us explain. Think of a shoe. The customer can customize the shoe by choosing the material and / or the color of the upper, the shape and / or the color of the laces, hide or not the seams, etc. In other words, every single area of your product you let customers personalize.

Get a quote

Personalization has a cost. The price often changes depending on the user’s needs. In these cases, the best solution is the quote. With Zakeke, you don’t need extra tools. You can receive a request for a quote from potential customers directly in the back office and turn the quote to the customer via email. The system is integrated with the automation tool Zapier. The buyer sends the request for a quote by filling out a form. In addition, you can fully customize the form fields. For example, quantity, name, materials, colors, etc.

See product in real world via AR

Augmented Reality, one of Zakeke’s key features, is changing the customer experience in eCommerce. Buyers can see the personalized product in his own world before purchase it. Immersion in the real world offers the consumer a wealth of additional information that makes him more inclined to buy. In this way, you get a fast and intuitive mobile experience. You can also decide to block the size of the object so that the customer cannot resize it while using Augmented Reality. It is useful for merchants selling products with fixed size (like a table or a sofa) who use AR to precisely show the real size of the item. AR is particularly useful to enrich the relationship between consumer and brand and adds value to each phase of the customer journey.

See product via 3D Preview

Not only AR. Zakeke let customers see a live and realistic 3D model of their customized products that they can zoom in on, rotate and interact with. In this way, buyers see the product from all angles. the customer sees the product in a three-dimensional way after personalizing it. In this way, you can show to buyers all the details of personalized product. This improves user trust. You have all these features in one tool.

Automate Workflows

Save time and trigger workflows whenever a new customized order is received in Zakeke. Use tools like Zapier, Order Desk or WebHooks to automate your eCommerce workflow. For example, get the print-files automatically uploaded in your Google Drive or Dropbox account; send an email via Gmail with the print-files attached or create a new task for your team in Jira or any other software you use to manage tasks in your company. Zakeke support Print-On-Demand services, like Printful, CustomCat e Invition. So, you can add hundreds of products from several suppliers’ catalogs to your eCommerce store. Have the orders fulfilled and drop-shipped to your customers automatically.
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