October 2021 Release Notes

October 2021 Release Notes

3D & AR Viewer Launch

Create Unique 3D Visual Experiences, Everywhere!

Giving consumers a better understanding of a product is proven to increase conversions and reduce returns. Zakeke’s platform allows consumers to virtually see the product in their home true to size. 

Implement 3D & AR at scale in a matter of minutes.

Upload a 3D model and Zakeke instantly creates an optimized, sharable 3D version with built-in AR capabilities. Embed it on your website, in your e-commerce store, or use the QR code, simple as that. 

Centralize your Visual assets to make collaboration more efficient for all stakeholders. Create a single source of truth for all 3D models from design to manufacturing to commerce.

This is Zakeke, this is our new innovative solution, for all.

Please take a look at this help guide to set your product up and start using our new tool.

This is not enough, there is more. Keep reading..

Take a look at all updates of the Visual Customizer

Text Shadow: you can activate a feature to allow customers to add shadow to texts. It’s flexible as they can choose to limit colors and how the shadow can be rotated and moved behind the text. Read more here

Make customization of a side mandatory: this means that when you create your customizable product you can make it so that customers cannot buy the item if they haven’t customized a given side of the product (or all of them). You can set it by checking the flag for “make customization mandatory” when you create the product sides.

More flexibility over the UI: you can now give a custom size to the small 3D view window in the product page interface. Read this

Updates of the 3D Product Configurator

Skybox: Zakeke now allows you to add a skybox (aka: a background) to your 3D model and you can make it blurred too.

We have updated the library of properties that you use to make effects for the 3D and added the following ones.

Clear Coat, an effect that simulates a paint effect, just like when you add transparency to a paint on a car, furniture etc..

Anisotropic, it’s the effect that you see as light reflects on surfaces such as cd-rom. See this.

Sheen, effect applicable for particular fabrics.

Subsurface, it simulates the diffusion of the light on certain material, such as skin, wax. Think about when you put a light behind your finger and you see the light on the other side. Well, just like that.

The above works on the 3D view of the Customizer as well.

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